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Ses Rotes
Community 2023

Whether you live here or spend a lot of time here our Community is a great way to meet people.

Learn about viticulture and enjoy our members only social events.

Madhouse of Misfits

Tickets for socials & popups must be bought in advance

Wine Club

In 2021 you will have the opportunity to join our wine club.

You’ll be on the guest list to all of our exclusive members events & get sneak previews of all our wines.

It’s a great opportunity to see behind the scenes at a winery and make some new friends.

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Socials – You are invited to our bigger calendar events.  There is a ticket price, which includes food, drinks & entertainment.

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Viticulture – Learn about the wine making process…. every Friday or for the key bits of bodega action 

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Pop up

Pop Up Events – You are invited to a number of small Pop Ups.  Events are varied, less formal & may incur a small cost.